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C.E. Gregory & Associates, Inc.

Information Systems Consultants
Specializing in IT Security, Certification and Accreditation, and IT Privacy Protection

Additionally, we offer technical training and implementation assistance in:

        • CA-1 Tape Management
        • CA-11 Installation & Maintenance
        • CA-7 Installation & Maintenance
        • CA-ACF2 Installation & Maintenance
        • CA-Endevor Library Maintenance
        • CA-SORT Installation & Maintenance
        • CA-Auditor (Examine)¬†Installation & Maintenance
        • Other Vendor Product Installation & Maintenance on z/OS, z/VM and VSE platforms
        • CA-ACF2/CICS Installation & Maintenance
        • CA-ACF2/DB2 Security Interface Installation
        • CA Mainframe Software Manager – enables the next generation to manage the mainframe effectively.

Our consultants are trained to provide ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ or formal stand-up training to your staff.¬† We offer onsite training or training at one of our local facilities in Southwest Florida.



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